Sunday, 16 August 2015

Your Top Five Things

Belly fat, obesity, Bulged out stomach, skinny arms, chicken legs. Ohh, complaining for all these issues is going to solve your problems? well, i don't think so. You have to find out  solutions for this, have to make efforts, have to move your ass off your bed, 

"find your comfort zone and come out of it."

FIND out what is the difference between YOU and the person you want to look like!!!

why are you not having that stamina, that power?
why don't you have that muscles?
why don't you have that flat tummy?
why is this belly fat here to stay?
what all i need to do to get rid of  these problems?
YES, you can find  answers to these questions.

You just need a vision to see yourself at a better place.!!!

Looking good, having a good body simply defines you. It defines how much dedicated you are about your body, how much you trained for reaching where you are, your sacrifices, your strength, everything positive about you. All you need is to make some little improvements in your lifestyle. The way you eat, what you wear, what you listen, how you behave, how you look at things, situations, fitness is all about this.

Your top five things!!!

If your top five friends are fat, you can never have abs.!!

If your top five food items in fridge are unhealthy,you can never get rid of belly fat!!

If your top five routine wear dresses are of dark color and loose in fitting(So that you can hide fat easily), you will never be conscious about your physique!!

If working out for your body is not in your top five priorities, you can never look better.

If your top five favorite places in city     are  junk food hubs, pubs, bars, You     can  never build a
good stamina.

SO, Replace your top five things!!!


  1. I just had pizza and I feel bad 😂 lol... Nice work there mate gets every1 motivated :)

  2. thanks for ur kind support :)
    stay motivated!

  3. That is a really nice thing... Most of the people don't knoe about all this... Good job man....!!!

  4. Very nice....
    Really true points explained with good kicks on laziness...

    In ur next blog, can u guide healthy veg diet schedule fr whole day...
    Like breakfast oatmeal, cornflakes, juices, banana shakes etc.

    What r the Best options & how much quantity.... Fr Healthy Life... :-)

    Waiting eagerly fr ur next blog....

    1. Thankyou :)
      Yes will surely comeup with some healthy and amazing veg recipes. Stay tunned! :)