Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Top Five Veg Breakfasts!

Working out in gym for an hour or two, some of you are may be working hard even more than two hours to shed that fat. Okay! Do you really think ONLY working out in gym will help you to get lean? Obtain a slim waist line? Build lean muscles? 

Well if you think yes. SORRY, you may be wrong my friend! Go to your gym or park or ground where you train and have a look around yourself. What you see ? Yes, most of the people are working out their ass off. Then what's the difference? Everyone can workout for an hour or two 5 days a week.
What really matters is 
WHAT GOES TO YOUR PLATE DURING THE REST OF 22-23 hours!!!!!YES. This is the only difference. It is food that makes you look leaner, it is the food that helps you build stamina, it is the food that helps you to get lean muscles, it is the food that helps you to shed belly fat.


Changing workout routines, trying new workout plans, is a cherry on the cake. And the base of the fit-cake is FOOD!!!Been on veg diet for past 2 months. Biggest difficulty i encountered is deciding a perfect breakfast. Omelette was the best option i used to had or Smoked chicken breast with salad on sunday late mornings. Been off from even eggs and I tried many new things in breakfast and here are some healthy breakfasts for my veg friends. 
Which "I" find are the best!!

1.OATS!  yes! I usually blend oats with a small-medium banana or some diced papaya pieces or strawberries or kiwi! 

2. Flaxseeds pancakes
The best breakfast till date i found isthis omega-3 rich healthy pancakes!

3.And here comes our perfect north indian breakfast.
"Aloo ke pranthe!"YES! if you are college going student and hostel mess is having only aloo prantha as thier signature dish, Feel free to have it with a bowl of curd. All you need is one extra superset of crunches to burn them :D

4. IDLISouth-indian dishes are always my one of the favourite foods. This carb rich food can be a good option. TRY!

5. Milk and Nuts!
Hostel? Office? Woke up late today? Not in mood to cook today?
Nevermind. Take a mug full of skimmed milk and a handfull of nuts! 


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