Monday, 3 August 2015

it's never too late!

If not all,But most of the people either want to lose weight or want to put-on mass. Me, you, Everyone is struggling with his/her body structure and this struggle is worth it. Girls want to look sexy in dresses and so do boys want to look great in formals and cool in tees. 

The basic and first layer of this fitness cake  is starting up. Tomorrow morning, today evening, y not NOW? Yes "its never too late not too early either". Once you start up working out,eating clean cutting out unhealthy things for you, you start enjoying this but most of people find it difficult after days,weeks or few may find this lifestyle fun and may Cary it out for a month. Now to get energized, get charged you need motivation. 
Anything, yes ANYTHING can motivate you, you never know it may be a movie show, a song, a video, fitness models pictures. When i stand in front of mirror before a bath and try to flex like pros. That acts as a more than enough motivation for me. If i looked better than yesterday it motivates me that i can look even more better, if i somehow did not make any improvements it even motivates me MORE. "Find your motivation"

Every morning you wake up, you are motivated enough and u need not any alarm to wake, your body know what time it is and your subconscious mind awakes you calling inside you "yes,wake up its gym o' clock".  This happens only when working out is a habit for you, it is no longer a process of reducing and gaining weight. It becomes a habit, a need to survive, life, just like you need water shelter food to survive.
  "You will surely achieve it if you are consistent, but you will keep it only if you are persistent".
For me workout sessions are like a cold beverage on a sunny day, shelter on a rainy day, warm and cozy on a cold day, its more than just a matter of kilograms. 
I wake up, cook, try to lift heavy, try to make cardio sessions possible but still I can't find much improvements. This happens with everyone. No one is perfect, you learn each day something new, figure it out what you learned today? Pen down this and try to make a positive change in yourself. 
The best point i like in a fitness freak is he is scientist of his body,so am i. I like to experiment new plans, new little things i learn each day from internet, people, from magazines, from books. This gives me hidden strength inside me, which I could never knew if i never had tried this thing "new" to me. So always question yourself and try to find answers,what is best for you, why are you performing this movement what difference on muscle it could make if you change the movement, change your grip, your position?  "Learn the techniques! "

"Supplements". Supplementation is the most important part i feel, supplementing your body according to your requirements, according to the intensity you workout, according to your goals is very important factor to be taken care off. Anything provides you energy, power, macros, nutrients you need is a supplement.


  1. Yea being fit is a neccessity of today nd ur blog will motivate each n every person ! Will be looking ahead for more of ur notes !